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Neopian Addicts Anonymous

Neopian Addicts Anonymous
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Welcome to Neopets Addicts Anonymous! This community was founded in order to provide a mature and sensible forum for older Neopets players to gather and voice their opinions. Feel free to discuss anything Neopets-related, including the site, games, merchandise, etc. There are other busier communities on livejournal that fill this same niche, but none quite so laid back. There's a pastoral comfort to posting your thoughts on babaa and finding that, despite long periods of quietude, the community is still active and thriving. If you decide to join us, you'll be part of a friendly and helpful group with a minimum of snark.

Community Rules:

  • The following types of entries should be posted under a cut tag: beauty contest entries, shop ads, or posts with (large) images. Shop ads are permissible as long as it does not occur often enough to be considered spamming.

  • While users are free to discuss anything Neo-related, and the community is maintained with a minimum of fuss to allow free speech, we ask that you treat your other users with respect and courtesy.

  • Posters should refer to both LiveJournal and Neopets Terms of Service before posting. Any posts that may be considered intentionally inflammatory, indecent,or violates Neo or LJ ToS will be deleted by the moderator.

  • If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact the community moderators zenokarasu & achtungbaby.

  • And a special thank you goes out to ninthspark for the great layout (including the new default icon and header) and almostaday for the great icon below!

    Dancing babaas courtesy of Neopets, Inc.

    Monthly Neopets freebies!

    Need a referral or want to give some away? Check out our referral thread!
    (Please dont ask for a "tip" or "collateral" for giving out a referral...greedy.)

    And lets not forget about our "sister" community pick_a_pet.
    Where you can find your ideal pet, or help someone along the way.

    Of Interest to Members

  • Want more neofriends? Don't forget to add your Neopets username to our member info post!

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